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Extra Cover - Kick 'Em Jenny

Extra Cover - Kick 'Em Jenny

Jul 27 2015

We have been getting many questions about insurance cover for losses from Kick ‘em Jenny. 


Standard property insurance policies such as Fire and Allied Perils, Houseowner’s Comprehensive and All Risks, include cover for the “Catastrophic Perils” which are Hurricane, Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption and Overflow of the Sea caused by these. Unless you have specifically asked for your policy to be amended to remove these, they will be covered. 


Because of the catastrophic nature of these events which cause damage to a large number of properties there is a higher deductible or excess for these perils. The standard deductible for these is 2% of the Total Sum Insured, usually with a minimum of $2,500. 


It is not standard for Catastrophic Perils to be included in Comprehensive insurance on your vehicle. Unless you have asked for Special Perils cover, which also covers loss from Flood and Malicious Damage, damage to your vehicle will not be covered. The cost for this extra cover is low and we recommend that it be added. 

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