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Householders Comprehensive (Renters) insurance on your belongings is available for students of St. George's University in Grenada. It is compulsory for students living on campus and  optional for those living off campus. Please complete and submit the Application Form located on this page including lists of electronic items and jewelry which are required for full cover. The maximum limits of cover and deductibles are shown below and there is a link to a summary of the policy which provides more information. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

The premium per semester is $30 USD. You will be billed by St. George's University. Claims should be sent to Insurance Consultants of Grenada by submitting the claim form on this website. There will be no refunds for cancellation of the insurance. 

Start of Application Period        3rd December 2018

Policy Inception Date                14th January 2019 or the date of the application if after this date.

Policy Expiration Date              13th August  2019

Final Application Date               31st January 2019

Covered Items Limit 
 Electronics (see below) $2,600 USD 
 Books $1,850 USD
 Personal Effects $1,100 USD

Covered Perils  Deductible 
 Fire, Lightning & Explosion NIL 
 Hurricane & Earthquake $370 USD
 Flood $185 USD
 Burst Pipes $100 USD
 Theft NIL

SGU Students Group HO policy summary.pdf


Massy United Insurance Co.

Residence in Grenada

Items are covered only in your place of residence in Grenada and while left for safekeeping on SGU premises between semesters. A new application will be required for each semester and the $30 USD premium will apply. Coverage will lapse if residence information is not provided by the final application date above. 

Off Campus Residence - Unoccupied

If your residence is off campus the cover for Theft, Burst Pipes and Malicious Damage is deleted once the residence is unoccupied continuously for 40 days. The full cover is reinstated once property is again occupied.

List of Electronic Items

A list showing make, model, serial number and value is required for all Electronic Items. Maximum cover for items not listed is $90 USD per item and $370 USD per occurrence  or in total  for the insurance period. Currency will be assumed to be USD unless otherwise stated.

List of Jewelry

A list with description and value is required for all Jewelry which is included in Personal Effects. Maximum cover for items not listed is USD90 per item and $370 USD per occurrence or in total for the insurance period.

Change of Information

Insurance Consultants of Grenada must be notified of any changes to your residence in Grenada and the list of electronic Items and jewelry insured by submitting the Change of Information Form located on this page. Failure to do so may result in denial of your claim or the maximum limits above being applied.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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